2022 Book #1: Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

This book is truly the inspiration for what I hope to accomplish this year. Specifically, it’s the book that inspired my 2022 Goal #3. It’s a short read, only about 60 minutes front to back, but is packed full of insight about why you should simply start putting yourself “out there” more, without hesitation.

About 10 years ago, I bought the domain name http://www.geekyforester.com without much of an understanding of what to do with it. I created a logo for it [just for fun] but didn’t really have any ambition or really any reason to do anything with it. What’s funny…is that during a recent conversational interview with someone applying for a role with the company and who is now a colleague of mine, they asked “Aren’t you the geeky forester?”. I was stunned in silence. What little I had done with the thing had at some level become a bit of a personal identify. Ultimately, I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it made me smile that they even knew of it.

And so, I begin the journey of doing a better job of “showing my work“.

Until tomorrow friends,