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Visit the Go Fund Me page HERE to donate anything you are able to help get as many students as possible to the 2022 SAF National Convention! Let’s use the power of community to support our community.

Do you want to join me in making a difference in young natural resource professionals’ lives? An easy way to get students involved is to help financially support their ability to engage. As a former Chair of the SAF Alabama Division, we raised enough funding from our local professional members to get all students free registration to our annual meeting a couple of years ago. The result…outstanding participation from students and an excellent opportunity for these students to engage directly with their fellow community of professionals (and vice versa).

With this in mind, I’ve personally started this Go Fund Me to leverage the power of our professional collective to raise money to benefit the Society Of American Foresters (SAF) to help as many forestry and natural resource students attend the SAF 2022 National Convention as possible.

Any donation (large or small) will help impact young professionals’ lives. There are well over 10,000 SAF members; think about the power of a $5 donation from everyone! Go ahead and skip the overpriced fast-food burger for one day (and opt instead for a PB&J) and donate the difference to allow students to be a part of our community.

Thanks in advance for joining me in contributing to this endeavor. I’ll personally match the first $1,000 in donations.

For more information about the Society Of American Foresters (SAF), visit their webpage HERE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve set up this Go Fund Me so that all donations flow directly to SAF, not me. The purpose of this fundraiser is to support students in attending the 2022 National Convention; however, I have no intention of dictating exactly how SAF spends or allocates these funds. As such, SAF will reserve the right to utilize these donations according to their best judgment to help support students in the most effective way(s) possible. By donating to this Go Fund Me, you agree to these terms.

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