Building Back A Brand!

If you want an example of a active and engaged leader, look no further than Stephanie Stuckey. I’ve never met her, but have come to greatly enjoy watching her well documented journey to build back the Stuckey’s Corporation brand. If you’re looking for some fun inspiration, give her page a look and follow for nearly daily updates.

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I’m 38 yrs old now, and haven’t visited a Stuckey’s in around 25 yrs, but I remember it vividly. It was indeed “the place” to visit heading to summer camp at Camp Mac in Munford, Alabama. I’m not sure if that location is still there (Exit 173 on I-20), but watching Stephanie’s posts bring me back to that place and time. I assure you, my next road trip will seek out a pit stop at Stuckey’s.

Leadership is much more than an idea or a position. It requires passion, care, and intention to create something great.

Galvanizing your brand in the marketplace is far different than what was required decades ago and I have come to greatly appreciate the importance and power of active communication and story telling via a variety of mediums. #business #brand #leadership #inspiration

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